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    2. Top 500 Chinese private enterprises
      China Yaohua Group is a leading machinery and electric equipment company in China and also a famous multi-national enterprise in theworld,which based on Zhejiang YaohuaElec...
      China Yaohua Group is a le…    2010-12-30
        China Yaohua Group is a leading machinery and electric equipmenChina Yaohua Group…
      “CE”    2011-01-04
      111th Canton Fair with YAO…    2012-04-20
      Today 111th Canton Fair is crowned with complete success.Without influence of …
      Addr:Yaohua Industrial Zone,Liushi
      Zip: 325604
      Tel: +860577-62778765\62780082\62563306\
      Fax:+86 0577-62774816\62780117\61778377\
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